During the Roaring Twenties, Germany has already acquired "Bauhaus", Austria is "breakaway", Italy is Futuristic and Eastern Europe is constructivist. But France modernism is still not widely. During these years the France still prefer crafts decorative arts, cabinet luxury and precious metals, while trends in industrial design are severely criticized. Thus, in 1925 at the Paris International Exhibition of Decorative and Industrial Arts, it is a triumph of Art Deco that we still see. Modern as Francis Jourdain, Le Corbusier, Eileen Gray and Charlotte Perriand are considered too avant-garde, and their works are deemed too industrial.

The advent of modernism, however, is a postponement. Dissidents of the Société des Artistes Decorators, Robert Mallet-Stevens, Francis Jourdain, René Herbst an Hélène Henry vont fonder one 1929 the Union des Artistes Modernes (UAM). They will be joined by 1930 by the designers of the modern trend, as Chareau, Louis Sognot, Charlotte Alix, Jean Burkhalter, Jean Prouvé and many others.

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